Zong Internet Package Daily, Weekly & Monthly (Updated 2020)

Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet Package Daily, Weekly & Monthly

In this post i will tell you all zong internet package (postpaid and prepaid) Daily ,weekly and monthly as well
Zong 4g keep on introducing Zong Internet Package to let you stay connected with your friend. Zong has introduced internet packages for prepaid and postpaid customers.Here is the list of Zong Internet Packages.


Zong Prepaid Internet Packages

Let’s check out  Zong Prepaid Internet Package .

 Zong Internet Packages-Daily

Dial *6464# to active tariff menu or Enter Number at Zong website and subscribe your favorite Package.

 Zong Internet Packages- Weekly

Dial *6464# to active tarif menu or Enter Number at Zong website and subscribe your favorite Package.

Zong Internet Packages- Monthly

*6464# for tarif  menu or Enter Number at Zong website and subscribe your favorite Package.


Zong Internet Packages- Bundles

 *6464# for tarif menu or Enter Number at Zong website and subscribe your favorite Package.


How to Avail the Offer

We can subscribe to Zong internet package by simple dialing *6464# or you can check  Zong website. If you want to check your remaining data then dial *102# and its charges are 10paisa per inquiry. If you do not use  Zong Internet Package then it will cost you 4pkr per MB. So it is better to use Zong Internet Package and there is no doubt that Zong internet package are one of the best service.

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

Zong has offered  variety of new Zong internet package for its Postpaid user as well. Here is list of all  Zong Prepaid Internet Package, giving users more choice.

Postpaid Pack
Onnet Min offnet Min
Month  Rent Mini  Deposit
Z3000 25600 Unlimited 1200 5000 2190 5000
Z1500 8,000 Unlimited 800 4000 1095 3000
Z900 4,000 Unlimited 500 2000 657 2000
Z500 2,000 1500 250 1000 365 1000
Z300 1,000 500 100 500 300


Zong also offer add-ons for its prepaid customer, if they want to add more data in their zong internet package. Here are the detail of the add-ons.

Postpaid Package Price Volume Validity
zong data 3 GB Rs. 250 3 GB End of Billing Cycle
zong data 10 GB Rs. 600 10 GB End of Billing Cycle
zong data 20 GB Rs. 1000 20 GB End of Billing Cycle


All the contents declared herein type the terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) for availing cellular services of the operator (the “Services”), purchase of cellular association (the “Connection”) and use of SIM/Equipment whereas availing the services. In these terms and conditions the words and expressions used herein however not outlined shall have constant which means appointed to them within the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act 1996, Rules issued by the federal beneath section fifty seven of the Act, rules issued by the Authority from time to time, Policies and SOP’s issued by PTA Operator’s License and Terms and Conditions and conditions on the market on operator’s web site.


Pre-Requisites of SIM sale: Purchaser/Customer shall give valid CNIC variety or gift Original Passport with valid visa/Pakistan Origin Card (POC) or NADRA ID or Proof of Residence (POR) Card, whichever is applicable. For foreigners, Afghan nationals and aliens, copy of the specified document shall be maintained by the vendor and forwarded to the operator inside the time stipulated by the operator during this regard.

Non Usage:

In case the client stay dormant / inactive for the amount of one hundred eighty days; the operator reserves the correct to disconnect and re-issue the MSISDN to the other client and therefore the client shall haven’t any choice for recourse. The client will, however, retain subscription by informing operator in written, fax, email, etc. to retain the subscription for any specific amount on payment of some charges (if any).


The personal shall be in person answerable for all calls, SMS and MMS made up of the client SIM/terminal instrumentation and shall neither use, send nor allow the other person to use the system and repair for causation bury alia unsought, obnoxious, misleading, indecent, obscene, or false messages, calls or communications; or the persistent creating of calls which can cause annoyance to any individual. The client shall punctually keep himself/herself knowing of all the wants with relevancy use of association and shall be command exclusively to blame for all amerciable acts and omissions. just in case of loss or felony of the SIM card, the client shall at once however not later than twenty four hours inform and request the various Operator to dam the SIM card, failing that, the client shall not be exculpated from criminal liability, if any, arising because of use of SI card/connection in any unlawful/criminal activity. The client shall not relishes generation of spam and just in case of client found to relishes any such activity, the outgoing SMS facility of his/her MSISDN are blocked initially instance and on subsequent activity the subscription are for good blocked. Variation: Operator might vary, increase or decrease the fees, tariffs, rates and therefore the charges, etc. and give notice the client subject to the approval of the Authority (if therefore required) of such variation within the manner prescribed beneath the prevailing law at the time.

Force majeure:

In an occasion of circumstance that is on the far side the management of operator, together with while not limitation to acts of God, revolt of civil disorder, war or military operations, national or native emergency, actor omissions of state, or of any competent authority, industrial disputes of any kind, fire, lightening, explosion, flood, weather of outstanding severity, acts or Omissions of person for whom the operator in not accountable, together with Jammers and alternative frequency interference by third party, strikes, lockouts, and interruption of the services for Maintenance of the systems which has physical options and part conditions, Operator shall not be in control of that amount to a client with relevancy any service.(s) as per these Terms and Conditions. Arbitration:
If any distinction or dispute arises between the parties hereto that can not be settled amicably; the matter are cited Authority which can investigate and adjudicate on the grievance in accordance with the act, the principles created under that and Operator’s medium license conditions and should take action consequently.


All data contained in operator’s message, advertisements and substance campaigns, together with the terms and conditions on the market on Operator’s web site shall apply once client subscribes to any such service and shall be deemed to be a part of any agreement between the client and operator. The client has right to assert refund to security at the time of disconnection of services when adjustment of unfinished dues. All client data shall stay confidential for all functions, unless needed to be disclosed to the govt department or agencies, or otherwise in agreement to the disclosed with the consent of the client.

These Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the provisions of the Act, Rules, rules, License conditions and directions issued by the PTA from time to time. The aforesaid SIM Card or personalised cellular range is and shall continuously be the exclusive property of CMPak

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