What are the trends in the matha tikka?

The information given below is contained with the entire information regarding the matha patti formally known as maang tikka since ancient times and the trends of fashionable accessories in maang tikka. Go through this article to get a stylish and attractive look.

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What are the maang tikka and its importance?

Maang tikka or the matha Patti is a type of jewelry formally worn by Indian women on their forehead. Matha Tikka is just a chain hooked with one end and a pendant on the other end. Basically, maange tikka is worn by the girls to be a bride on their wedding occasion but nowadays, mostly the girls of all age group are attracted towards acquiring a traditional look by wearing a maang tikka and other traditional jewelry accessories.

All the traditional jewelry of accessories has their importance in their religious or cultural significance. Maang is worn by girls since ancient culture to glorify the forehead with hooked into hair with a pendant dangling on it and that is believed to house the sixth chakra as per the old written books symbolizes. Even in the Hindu mythology also signifies that the forehead is the representation of the third eye or the power of the soul. The forehead signifies a persons’ ability to control emotions and the power of their concentration.

Maang tikka or the matha patti

Maang tikka or the matha patti have become a style icon and statement now-a-days, as it  can be added to beautify both traditional and western look as well. In Rajasthan, the maang tikka or the mattha patti has its own significance and is formally known as borla or the bor as it consist round-shaped pendant attached to single string.

Even, maang tikka comes in another look having a pendant accompanied with chains on the other two ends or sides that are hooked into the hair known as matha patti. The Mughal culture also has its own style of maang tikka known as Mughal-inspired jhoomar, and this jhoomar is worn on either side of the head. Maang tikka is easily available in the fashion market in various materials including gold, silver, uncut diamond, and non-precious tikkas are also popular and trending these days. There is no such jewelry has conquered or overruled the maang tikka or matha tikka market till yet.

Even the fashion designers and stylists are still indulged in their work to attain new styles or innovating ways of wearing a maang tikka or matha patti. The maange tikka or matha patti has become a trend among celebrities too and many Indian and international celebrities have worn these maang tikka on red carpets too like Alicia Keys, Dita Von Teese, Shakira, and other celebrities have spotted wearing the matha patti as complementary bandhagala styled outfits on their award nights.

List of Trending and stylish matha patti or Maang tikka:

  • Floral Kundan Matha Patti:

This matha patti is intricated with a floral work to give a look a whiff of tradition and culture too. This floral kundan matha patti is definitely heart wining and offers a super stunning look to the girl who has worn it and glorifies the dress that automatically attains a featured traditional look in no time.

  • Gold-Tone Kundan Math Patti with pearl:

The gold tone kundan matha patti is completely handcrafted and is the fusion of pearls and kundan that offers a traditional, stunning and glorified look to the girl’s outfit. The one who has worn the matha patti of gold tone having pearls dangling around with western dress automatically acquires a Indo-western pattern.

  • Gold plated kundan matha patti:

Another handcrafted matha patti is gold plated matha patti crafted with kundans over it. This design is top trending and one of the newest designs especially for the brides. When brides wore this matha patti with their wedding attire ensures that her look becomes more special by adding extra beauty to the attire. This is the best matha patti that will make the look to be attractive and the best as well.

  • Kundan matha patti:

Matha patti with kundans of maroon color and pearls will take the hearts of the one watching the girl who has worn it. Even, this matha patti having kundan and pearls are available in multiplecolored stones too.

  • Matha Patti with gold finishing having perals and stones: traditional matha patti:

The traditional and classy matha patti are adorable and admired by every women crazy towards fashion and jewelry. This gold finishing having perals and stones matha patti is unique and have an antique finishing. This matha patti is light in weight and thus, easy to carry as well over the forehead. 

  • Matha patti in multi color having matt finishing:

One of the most popular matha pattis is matt finish matha patti as these are available in multi colors in the fashion world. This is completely handcrafted made up of copper alloys having imitation of ruby, green onyx, and pearl work of fine quality. The 18 kt gold polish included in its formation offers it a unique plus classy look in its appearance.

  • Stone studded beaded white matha patti:

This Stone studded beaded white matha patti is stylish and has hit the top trending list of matha patti in the fashion market. The white matha patti is handcrafted and alloy based having beads, pearls, and stonework hanging al-around.

  • Rajasi Matha Patti:

The Rajasi matha pattis is 22K gold plated pachi kundan setting embellished via pearls and colored stone. This matha patti is perfect that would fit the brides’ wedding attire and makes her look attractive. This matha patti is neither minimal nor extraordinary in its look buut it offers millennial look to the bride.


The Matha Patti is one of the jewelry accessories that formally give a traditional look to the girls’ outfit whether it is traditional, bridal or western. The forehead with matha patti looks like a sun without its sunshine. Thus, the aforementioned matha pattis are highly attractive and picket friendly as these are easily available in the market of fashion. Attain these matha pattis to the outfits as per the type of dress worn and stay classy and look attractive & unique in the appearance.

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