What Are Backlinks?Types of Backlink | How to get them Ultimate Guide

What are backlinks?

Do you know what Are Backlinks?

 Backlink is the heart of seo


Table of Content:

  • What Are Backlinks
  • Types Of Backlinks
  • DOfollow Backlinks
  • Nofollow Backlinks
  • How to Get Backlinks

Know About Backlinks

what are backlinks


Backlinks are the link present on other websites which redirect their visitors to your site.

Backlinks are the most important component to SEO (search engine optimization) and rank your site on google or other search engine like (Bing,ASkme,baidu,duckduckgo). Google’s Algorithm is designed to deliver most value able result in eavery search a person do.
SEO Algorithm weighs a number of different ranking factors all meant to determine how ranked up a website and its page. Using link building strategy helps to boost your organic marketing efforts .Each time a website include your link mean make a backlink ( It mean a website is telling their user that there is something important,interesting on your site ).When many websites gives authority link to your Website/Blog  then Google (seo) see that there is something important and value able on your Blog/Website.
Generally , a Website/Blog  making more and more backlinks  gains more authority in search engine.
When a Website/Blog gains more and authority its mean that website/blog is getting more backlinks.
Every Pesron that have a website/blog should care about seo (Backlinks).
We can Say Backlinks Are the Brain Of web.If you Want to improve Seo then must need to know about Backlinks. 


You must know about types of backlinks . There are many types of backlinks .But main types of backlinks are Dofollow backlinks and Nofollow backlinks . Here we will discuss about these two types (Dofollow backlinks and Nofollow backlinks).


Dofollow backlink


When a person write a article on his Website/blog and Add your Website/Blog link (It mean he tells his visitors that their is something valuable in your website/blog ) then you will get A DofollowBacklink. And search engine algorithm see your dofollow link on that site and you will gain the authority and your websites get rankup day by day.


Nofollow backlink


Many of backlinks are dofollow backlinks but some websites/blogs change it to nofollow backlinks by putting rel=”nofollow” in front of href in the html . No follow backlinks can still have value for your blog/website. 

How To Get Backlinks

There are many methods to get Backlinks.Here i will tell you some methods.
  • Guest Post
  • Social
  • Web Directory
  • Others Website
  • Blog commenting (comment luv)
  • Article
  • Forum posting
My recommendation:
“I always recommend to build backlinks from guest posting”

Guest Post Backlink

Guest Post means to write a article for others website in this way you can get a dofollow backlink that is most important for you.It is like relationship between two sites and can rankup your website.
It is as Important as you are writing your own post on your blog when you make relationship between your website to other’s website then user will also come to your website that is the most important thing.
It is the Best Way To Get  Quality Backlink.It is little difficult but not impossible.You need to do only one thing that is write Quality content . When you apply for guest post you should keep in mind that this content should not be rejected.
“When user of that website read your post then he gets attract and he will come to your website . It is the best quality backlink.I hope you understand what i’m saying .
So, Always when when you are trying to get backlinks from guest posting you should write a quality content then the owner of that website will never reject your content .”
It also help your blog to rank your page and website.
Google algorithms is changing day by day. To rank your page on top 10 you must build backlinks because when you build it then your website gets more authority it means google ranks only authority page.
And the Most important thing is Word count. You should write a content that have 1000 to 1200 Word count . It always depends on word count but quality don’t repeat main keywords because now google is very smart . 
” By Repeating main keywords google can downgrade your Website. So, Be careful.”
I’m Also Offering you to guest post on my website.You Can Contact on Whatsapp.

Social Sharing Backlink

social sharing backlink


Most of the social website give you nofollow backlinks but the most important thing is that these type of backlinks  still have some value that can rank Up your post.
When I write a article , I must share it to social networks to get some audience . It is most important to get audience to your website from other source . Google will consider that your posts have some value that the people are coming again and again to your post and that’s matters.
” Social is also important to get value for your post. “
To get attention and been noticed is most difficult for compitition.If you want more audience you should keep blogging and sharing to social networks.You can share your posts on twitter and can get some audience .
”  If you are sharing your post on social networks but didn’t get audience then don’t worry about it you have a backlink it nofollow but have some value it also can boost up your post.”
social sharing backlinks

Have You share your post on social networks?

If you don’t then now keep sharing. 

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