Is it Worth Use Matte Tiles in Kitchen?

Kitchen tiling is a necessity of every home. Kitchens use tiles for embellishments and backsplash necessity. Mainly glossy tiles are perfect for backsplash purposes; however, trends sometimes are not convenient with comfort. They look attractive, but they are not as easy to deal with as the basic requirement of tile in that place.

Attractive Matte Tiles

Matte has always attracted eyes, seen from afar. These tiles look wonderful on the floor, for the non-slippery feature. Matte black tiles have been recently in trend this year, and people are falling in love with the idea of large format matte tiles. These look wonderful for the color scheme of the room you are tiling and matching the furniture. Emerald green, pastel shades, faded black, shades of grey, lilac, and royal blue are famous in matte tiles.

You can cover the kitchen walls and give a shot at tiling the backsplash with the same material. Indeed, mate modernizes the appearance of the kitchen to the maximum, but there are a few disadvantages to use matte tiles there.

Disadvantages of Matte Tiles

The major disadvantage of these tiles is that they are a mess to clean. You can simply wipe off the material (such as oils and tea stains) from the tile. They will give an inappropriate look as the stains become stubborn to clean off. They look prominent and it might even take a special spray to wipe off the mess. Matte tiles are comparatively a bad option for backsplashes. The oil drops smear on the tile and it cannot be tidied up with simple tissue.

Matte is not always the right option for kitchens. The floors will always look untidy with smears and drips of cooking. The backsplash will be harder to maintain.

Expensive Tile

Matte tiles are relatively pricey than many other tile materials and surfaces. These cost more for their design, shades, and texture. The more expensive the tile, the more difficult it is to maintain them. Kitchen Tiles Cheap is available in porcelain, ceramics, subway style, and many more.

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Makes the Room Gloomy

Another con of matte tile is that it will not illuminate the kitchen properly, rather absorb light. Moreover, if your kitchen has no window, the room will look darker and gloomier. The tiles will not give off a reflection of smooth light at all.

The Reason Why You Should Not Opt For Matte

Comparatively, glossy tiles in the kitchen area for an easy clean wipe of the batter splash, oil spurts, liquid mess, or anything on the tile to prevent the wall from getting messy. Interior designers in kitchens for backsplashes mostly prefer subway tiles with a high gloss finish. First, they give a bold and formal look in the kitchen, and second, they brighten up the interior.

Mattes are worthy in rooms, apartments, bedroom floors, and living room space. Other than these, kitchens and bathrooms cannot afford matte tiles. It is not worth it to spend on something, you will regret later on. Choose matte tiles in places where there is no fear of stain.

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