This app guarantees to let you know how ‘water-proof’ your smartphpone is

An app named Water Resistance Tester, developed by Ray W, claims to tells you whether or not your smartphone’s water resistant sealing is undamaged or not.
The outline web page of the app claims to check the smartphone’s IP67/IP68 water-resistance seals utilizing the barometric strain sensor which most smartphones come built-in immediately.
The identical has been described by the developer Ray W on its official Reddit account. The developer has additionally talked about that two of his neighborhood members have confirmed that this app’s methodology is identical because the official methodology utilized by Samsung service technicians.
For many who don’t know, the barometer sensor in a smartphone helps GPS chips lock quicker by figuring out the vertical location. Nevertheless, Wikipedia describes it as an instrument to measure atmospheric strain. The app appears to be utilizing the latter for this take a look at.
To check the app, we took our Galaxy S21 smartphone which is certainly IP68 rated water and dirt resistant smartphone.
We implied two take a look at instances right here — one with a SIM card slot on and one after eradicating the SIM card slot.
If you take away the SIM card, the Galaxy S21 warns customers that the water resistance functionality of the smartphone shall be compromised and to guard in opposition to water injury, be certain that the SIM card tray is firmly sealed.

This app guarantees to let you know how 'water-proof' your smartphpone is

Within the first case, the app marked the smartphone as water resistant, whereas after eradicating the SIM card tray it stated ‘Your phone does not appear to be water-resistant.”

This app guarantees to let you know how 'water-proof' your smartphpone is

We also ran this app on ROG Phone 5, which apparently does not have a barometer sensor and the app was quick to identify that it’s a telephone with out the required sensor required for the take a look at.
To this point the app appears to be correct. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless only a declare and it’s a good suggestion to maintain the smartphones, even when they’re IP67 or IP68 rated, away from water to keep away from injury.


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