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Sudden death causes and how to prevent it? Death

Sudden Death CAUSES

In this post I will tell you the causes of sudden death.

Abrupt cardiovascular passing (SCD) is an unexpected, surprising demise brought about by loss of heart work (unexpected heart failure). Unexpected cardiovascular demise is the biggest reason for normal passing in the United States, causing around 325,000 grown-up passings in the United States every year.

Why do young, healthy people die suddenly?

Sudden death” usually occurs late at night or early in the morning. When we encounter cold winter winds. we have to change our living habits. don’t think that we are young without prevention.

Yesterday was very cold, there were about 50 people in Taiwan who suddenly died. If it continues to be cold. I am afraid that hundreds of people will die suddenly.

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People will be very curious to know that for people. who is healthy? why suddenly die? Especially for those who have no history of blood disease. Always take medicine on time. Do not smoke. Do not stay up at night. Do not drink alcohol. Before sudden death, there were no abnormal phenomena? In clinical treatment, these problems are often mentioned.

It is obvious that already wearing warm clothes,

so why still sudden death?

I treat these patients in the critical illness ward, finding that the risk actually comes from daily habits, not how much warm clothing is worn:

When you wake up, you immediately wake up: In winter when you wake up. You should stay in bed for a while and then slowly get up, not get out of the warm blanket. No one can match the speed of getting out of bed with you! You need to know that the warmth in the blanket is to save lives. Don’t suddenly pull away this way of keeping warm.

When the skin has no protection method and is immediately exposed to cold air. The reaction is to constrict, causing blood vessels in the body to naturally constrict. Please confirm that before getting out of the blanket you have already put on a warm coat to keep your body and limbs warm.

When you brush your teeth and wash your face: After waking up, everyone will go to the toilet. Mix hot and cold water to get warm water. Then brush your teeth and wash your face to avoid the entire face and blood vessels from freezing and shrinking.

How to prevent it sudden death?

Don’t think that when you brush your teeth and wash your face, you only get a little cold on your face, the bathroom is both damp and cold is the place that needs the most attention.

When undressing: Soaking or bathing with hot water is very comfortable, but do not forget to leave the hot water source at that time when you are not dressed, when the warm water droplets on the skin suddenly come into contact with the cold air, the body will shivering violently.

Leave the towel in the most convenient place, immediately dry the water on the body, and put on clothes right away, don’t take off clothes for too long in winter!

Before sudden death neck and ears are not protected

Ignore the ears and neck: I’ve seen a lot of patients die suddenly. Before death neck and ears are not protected. Don’t think that wearing warm body and limbs is warm enough.

The ears and neck are blown by the cold wind. The ears lack a layer of fat to keep warm. The neck is home to many small sympathetic nerves and blood vessels of the brain and body. Wearing a scarf and earplugs can protect you .

Wearing clothes in the wrong order: I once gave emergency care to a patient who suddenly died from a heart attack. When the nurse removed his clothes. He discovered that he was wearing 2 T-shirts and a jacket, that is, no sweater. outside the t-shirt.

Wear a “sandwich” shirt with an inner layer of sweat-wicking underwear. A sweater to keep your body warm, and a waterproof windbreaker on the outside.

When wearing the wrong order, it is not possible to keep the body warm, it is easy to die suddenly due to blood vessel spasms.

Sudden death due to exercise:

Exercise is a good thing. But you must understand your body’s physiology. The common causes of sudden death due to exercise are:

Not warming up before exercise. Stopping suddenly when exercising Exercise with high intensity. Lack of oxygen in high mountains, or when practicing unfamiliar movements.

Normally when we are in a state of inactivity. Blood will flow back to the atria and just “venous contraction” is enough. However, during exercise, the heart beats 6 to 17 times faster than when not exercising, and blood flow to the muscles also increases 25 times.

When exposed to a cold environment. Your blood vessels will react to continue to constrict. At this time the blood flow to the heart is not enough. So it is very dangerous, leading to sudden death.

We think that the cases of people who wear warm clothes but are prone to sudden death late at night and early in the morning. Besides those who exercise early in the morning. The majority of people die suddenly at home.

When the cold covers, it is not enough for us to change our habits. Nor do we take advantage of our youth without paying attention to preventive measures.

The rate of sudden death increases sharply year by year. The younger the age of onset of the disease. The more likely it occurs in people with good health conditions, in middle age, causing endless grief for loved ones.

Good morning! Love your family, love yourself. When the weather turns cold, everyone pays attention to keep warm, don’t neglect.

How is sudden death different from a stroke?

Sudden death has many causes. But the most common cause is cardiac arrest. Especially in middle-aged people, ie over 40 years old.

This cardiac arrest occurs from a variety of causes.

Such as:

  • a severe arrhythmia (eg, ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation)
  • blockage of a blood vessel in the heart (coronary artery)
  • medical pre-existing heart disease such as pre-existing cardiomyopathy (enlarged or dilated heart muscle).

Stroke (also known as cerebrovascular accident): caused by a blockage of a blood vessel in the brain, associated with cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. Or from a ruptured blood vessel in the brain. Associated with untreated high blood pressure or inadequate treatment.

There are two types of stroke: ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. An ischemic stroke occurs when there is a blood clot caused by atherosclerotic plaque in a blood vessel in the brain or from another place along the blood flow to the brain. Causing a blood vessel blockage.

Brain cells lack oxygen and nutrients. So they are damaged. If left for a long time, the cells will die. Meanwhile, a hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel ruptures.Health

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