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South China Sea: US should ‘disrupt and destroy’ China to cease invasion – ex-Taiwan admiral

Lee Hsi-min, chief of the overall workers of Taiwan’s armed forces from 2017 to 2019, and Eric Lee, analysis affiliate on the Mission 2049 Institute, wrote an article calling for the US to assist cease an invasion of Taipei from China. President Joe Biden’s administration has been vocal in supporting Taiwan’s independence from China and in supporting different nations within the South China Sea, angering Beijing.

Mr Lee wrote for NBC’s Assume column the US ought to “prioritise capability-building among allies” to “target critical People’s Liberation Army vulnerabilities” ought to China invade Taiwan.

He mentioned: “Together, they must develop the means to disrupt, deny, degrade, destroy or deceive the Chinese military’s assets, thus preventing it from achieving military success against Taiwan.

“Doing so would greatly enhance credible deterrence — and that could prevent war.”

The previous head of Taiwan’s armed forces additionally really helpful the US “position stocks of munitions, spare parts and other key defence equipment” so Taiwan might be extra ready for a struggle.

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In a stark warning, the previous head of Taiwan’s armed forces added “the threat of Chinese military aggression is no longer hypothetical”.

He continued: “Should the Communist Party’s aggression continue to escalate, an all-out attack on Taiwan could become likely, with economic and military consequences that would shake the world.

“The question is not whether the United States should defend Taiwan during war but how to prevent war in the first place.

“Now is the time to strengthen US-Taiwan security cooperation to ensure peace in the Taiwan Strait.”

US officers have issued stark warnings to China in latest months.

Kurt Campbell, coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs on the US nationwide safety council, mentioned any makes an attempt to invade Taiwan – which Beijing claims as its personal territory – could be “catastrophic”.

Mr Campbell instructed the Asia Society on-line discussion board: “One of the reasons why the United States is so clear about our dissatisfaction by what China has undertaken in Hong Kong is a clear sense that, quietly behind the scenes, Chinese interlocutors have studied and tried to make an assessment [that asks] if we can do this, ‘what’s the international response and what does that tell us about what the response would be with respect to Taiwan’.

“I just want to underscore that such an effort would be catastrophic.”

In 2020, the US offered $5.861 billion price of weapons methods to Taiwan, sparking outrage from China.


On Tuesday, Zhao Lijan, a spokesperson from China’s international ministry, steered a possible invasion of Taiwan.

He warned “no one should underestimate the Chinese people’s staunch resolve, firm will, and formidable ability to defend national sovereignty.”

On June 15, some 28 Chinese language army plane flew into Taiwan’s air defence zone, the biggest reported incursion this yr.

China has additionally threatened Japan after its Deputy prime minister Taro Aso mentioned an invasion of Taiwan is a “major problem”, including: “We need to think hard that Okinawa could be the next.”

Mr Zhao mentioned the remarks “harmed the political foundation of China-Japan relations”, and that China “resolutely opposed” them.

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