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Qureshi regrets int’l neighborhood’s inaction regardless of proof supplied towards India


  • FM Qureshi regrets int’l neighborhood’s inaction regardless of proof supplied towards India’s involvement in terrorist actions.
  • Qureshi’s response got here after intelligence gathered proved that the mastermind behind the Lahore blast was an Indian citizen.
  • Says If FATF doesn’t deliver India to process concerning terror-financing, then it exhibits its double requirements.

ISLAMABAD: Overseas Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Sunday as soon as once more condemned India’s involvement in terrorist actions throughout Pakistan and stated that had the worldwide neighborhood taken well timed discover of Pakistan’s issues, Lahore’s Johar City blast would haven’t taken place and harmless lives wouldn’t have been misplaced.

Qureshi’s response got here after intelligence gathered proved that the mastermind behind the Lahore blast was an Indian citizen, having clear hyperlinks together with his nation’s spy company, RAW.

Chatting with Geo Information, the international minister stated that he had earlier held a press convention alongside Adviser to the Prime Minister on Nationwide Safety Moeed Yusuf to precise Pakistan’s issues towards India’s involvement in destroying the peace in Pakistan, not solely by way of the supply of arms but additionally by way of the financing and coaching of terrorists.

He stated that India has additionally used Afghan soil to launch assaults in Pakistan sometimes.

“We have said it before too, and now India’s involvement in the Lahore blast has strengthened our suspicions and have proved that whatever concerned we had [about India] were true,” he stated. “We still have concrete evidence that India is involved in terror financing.”

Qureshi went on to say that given the clear-cut proof of India’s involvement in terror financing, it’s the obligation of the Monetary Motion Job Drive (FATF) to query why India is backing terrorist actions in Pakistan.

“If [FATF] doesn’t bring India to task, then it shows its double standards, and Pakistan has a right to raise an objection regarding these double standards,” stated the international minister.

He stated Pakistan had beforehand uncovered India’s [wrongdoing] and has now achieved it once more.

“To camouflage its atrocities in Kashmir and to take the attention away from its internal problems, India sometimes makes up incidents like the Pulwama attack, launches attacks on Pakistan’s border areas to which Pakistan gives a befitting response, and sometimes it trains terrorists,” he said.

Speaking about Pakistan’s course of action regarding the latest revelation regarding the Lahore blast, he said that the Foreign Office would want to highlight the issue at an international level once again.

“We would want the international community to know that we had been saying it before too and had provided evidence against India’s involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan, but a timely notice was not taken regarding the matter,” he stressed.

“Had the international community taken timely notice of Pakistan’s concerns, the Johar Town blast would have not taken place and innocent lives would not have been lost. Several terrorist incidents in Balochistan would not have taken place either.”

He said that Pakistan would once again share evidence [with the international community] and raise its concerns.

“We are facing a challenging situation but, by the grace of Allah, we are a responsible nation. Once we present evidence against India at the FATF and its member countries don’t pay heed, then we would know whether it’s a technical forum or a political one.”

When questioned how Pakistan would move forward after antagonising FATF, Qureshi said that Pakistan has to work towards its self-defence and uproot the menace of money-laundering which has done a lot of damage to Pakistan.

“We’ve to struggle towards terror finance and whereas now we have already achieved lots, now we have to deliver these concerned to justice,” he said.

Mastermind behind Johar Town blast an Indian citizen, associated with RAW

Earlier in the day, Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security Moeed Yusuf briefed the nation on intelligence gathered on the blast that took place in Lahore’s Johar Town, saying that the main mastermind behind the attack is an Indian citizen and has clear links with RAW.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Yusuf who began in Urdu, also spoke in English at the end, to ensure that the international community has a clear idea of the findings.

“I wish to ensure that our message is heard very clearly [regarding] this explicit incident on the twenty third of June in Lahore. We’ve concrete proof and intelligence, together with monetary and phone data that time to direct Indian sponsorship of those terrorists.

“Through forensic analysis, electronic equipment which has been recovered from these terrorists, we have identified the main mastermind and the handlers of this terrorist attack and we have absolutely no doubt or reservation in informing you that the main mastermind belongs to RAW, the Indian intelligence agency, is an Indian national, and is based in India,” he stated.

Yusuf stated that he wish to remind everybody that “Indian use of territory and people of third countries, which actually embarrasses other countries, is not new”.

“We have been constantly reminding the world of Indian actions, including a detailed dossier that was put out last November with details, minute details of finances, of action, of support coming from India,” stated the nationwide safety adviser.

He drew consideration to the current report by EU DisinfoLab, a global reputed organisation, which offers an in depth account of how “hundreds and thousands of fake outlets were being used to malign Pakistan, to spread misinformation about Pakistan, and to hide what is actually a clear terrorist sponsorship by a state against another state in our region”.

Yusuf stated that “very unusually” there’s additionally proof of “thousands of attempts of cyber attacks against our critical investigative infrastructure right after this attack on the 23rd in Lahore”.

“These attacks and the number and the sophistication in some cases leaves no doubt of state sponsorship and state linkage in this case.”

He stated that Pakistan’s cybersecurity was robust sufficient to thwart the makes an attempt however requested why the assaults happened, earlier than occurring to supply a solution.

“They were being conducted because our enemies wanted to buy time to deflect attention and to avoid the apprehending and capture of these terrorists that we managed to do,” stated the nationwide safety adviser.

Yusuf additionally identified the “drama” of mysterious drones flying within the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir territory.

“What was the logic, is now very clear, and again with confidence we can put it out, that was a deflection tactic trying to divert attention of the world from the fact and they knew at that time we had not only apprehended culprits but we knew exactly what had been done behind the scenes and who was behind it.”

The adviser stated that the primary executor, Eid Gul, has an Afghan origin and was residing in Pakistan.

He stated that Pakistan has always been flagging for the world the priority that “millions of law abiding Afghan refugees are given a bad name and Pakistan is blamed when these actors go and hide in these refugee settlements and then Pakistan is questioned on why one or two or five people who were miscreants, who were terrorists could not be apprehended”.

Yusuf stated that Pakistan reminds the world “of their duty to find a way for a dignified return of Afghan refugees and then questions may be asked”.

“Till then, this is a very good example of the complication when something like this occurs,” he stated.

Yusuf stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan has instructed his group “to use all possible legal and political means to get to the people outside Pakistan who are part of this international terrorist network”.

“We will therefore be sharing all evidence with the international community and exposing the nefarious and real face of a state in our neighbourhood that has constantly sponsored terrorism against our innocent civilians.”

The adviser referred to as upon the worldwide neighborhood to play its half saying it’s “high time” it “stop turning a blind eye and play a constructive and legally binding role for the safety of innocent Pakistanis if they are really serious about peace and stability in the region”.

IGP Punjab’s briefing on the character of the assault

Previous to Yusuf’s briefing, Inspector Basic of Police Inam Ghani supplied an account of the occasions main as much as the blast.

Ghani famous that the blast occurred at 11:09am on June 23 in Block E of Johar City and a Car-Borne Improvised Explosive Machine (VBIED) was used. On account of the explosion, three residents have been killed and 22 have been injured, together with two policemen.

The explosion additionally destroyed 12 automobiles and 7 homes.

He stated that the police’s Counter-Terrorism Division was instantly deployed to the positioning and it rapidly cordoned off the realm and established an operational base.

“Punjab’s CTD has long been working on counter-terrorism and is at that stage of maturity where it can very quickly and capably connect the dots. As a result of this, not only did they unearth the entire plan [by the terrorists] within 16 hours of the incident, but also identified the names of all those involved.”


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