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PM Imran Khan appeals to nation to watch COVID-19 SOPs on Eid ul Adha

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing the media on Thursday, July 8, 2021. Scrreengrab through Twitter/GovtofPakistan.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister  Imran Khan on Thursday appealed to the general public to stick to the COVID-19 customary working procedures (SOPs), particularly on the event of Eid ul Adha, to include additional unfold of the novel coronavirus.

Addressing the nation, the premier stated that given the rising variety of coronavirus circumstances within the nation, it’s needed for everybody to put on a masks.

“Even though I know that people are fed up of following the SOPs across the world and I understand that, I would again like to appeal to the masses to [at least] wear a mask at all times so that the country could be saved from the possible fourth wave of the pandemic,” he stated.

“It’s a very easy job to wear a mask, and this simple step can save the country and our economy from disaster.”

The prime minister defined that masks needs to be worn always at any time when somebody is in a confined house with different individuals — together with marriage ceremony capabilities, eating places, and rooms — as a result of the possibilities of the virus spreading inside indoor environments are extraordinarily excessive.

“If someone is out in the open, for example in a park, they can take their masks off, but when they are inside a bus or a car with other people, for instance, they must wear a mask,” the premier defined whereas holding a masks in his fingers.

PM Imran Khan warned the nation concerning the risks of the Delta variant — which first emerged in India — and stated that India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Indonesia are at present struggling due to it.

“Given the current situation in countries like Afghanistan, where there is an acute shortage of oxygen, I would like to say a few things to the nation,” the PM stated.

He praised the federal government, notably the Nationwide Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) for finishing up analysis and taking well timed choices to include the virus from spreading.

The PM additional stated that Pakistan was the one Muslim nation that saved mosques open for 2 consecutive Ramazans — due to the efforts, monitoring, and preemptive measures of the NCOC in addition to the cooperative angle of the nation.

“It was also because of the cooperation of the Pakistani nation that the government could save the country from getting into a catastrophic situation [like other countries],” the premier stated.

At current, nonetheless, the coronavirus circumstances within the nation are immediately rising once more after plummeting due to the arrival of the Delta variant within the nation,  he stated.

PM Khan stated that the world over, poverty has unfold and the poor needed to endure due to lockdowns.

“I would, therefore, ask Pakistanis to mandatorily wear masks and observe precautions, especially during the occasion of Eid ul Adha,” he stated.

“The government exerted a lot of pressure on people to adhere to the SOPs and I appreciate the nation for bearing with us, but if you want to avoid further lockdowns and restrictions, then continue to wear a mask,” he stated.

In the direction of the tip of his speech, the premier additionally urged individuals to get vaccinated. He added that regardless that Pakistan doesn’t manufacture the anti-coronavirus vaccine by itself and the vaccination drive just isn’t as fast as it’s within the US, as an example, individuals ought to make the most of the out there vaccines within the nation and get themselves inoculated as quickly as attainable.

PM Imran Khan appeals to nation to watch COVID-19 SOPs on Eid ul Adha
PM Imran Khan appeals to nation to watch COVID-19 SOPs on Eid ul Adha


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