Zong Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Zong began its telecom administrations in 2008. Prior because of restricted administrations, Zong Internet Packages were not viewed as a major telecom organization in Pakistan. Zong began to offer some incentive capable administrations to its clients and acquired a decent name in a couple of years. Clients began to assemble trust in Zong telecom administrations on account of value administrations.

Zong Internet Packages codes

Zong upgrades its administrations and brings 2G/3G and 4G quickest internet providers for its significant clients. These administrations are helpful for both paid ahead of time and postpaid clients. Zong consistently centers around cutting edge benefits so this is the main telecom organization in Pakistan which is begun sun oriented controlled cell locales. The reason for this site is just to advance the “Become environmentally friendly” development.

The Zong contains progressed web advances like GSM, LTE, UMTS/HSPA.

Note: We update our substance consistently, all bundle insight about Zong Internet on this page is precise and awesome.

Zong Daily internet Package

Zong Daily internet Package offers three distinct sorts of bundle plans. Any client can choose any bundle as indicated by its necessities and information prerequisites. Zong every day net bundle is appropriate for those clients who are not normal net surfer. These clients just buy in to Zong Daily Internet Package only for downloading some information. Here you can discover the detail of the Zong net bundle in full detail.

Zong offers information bundles which are reasonable for all local area of the people groups. It offers important types of assistance just as moderate proposals to its clients. Zong Call, SMS, and web bundles are moderate for all local area clients. Some friendly offers are uncommonly intended for social sweethearts that offer Unlimited Facebook, WhatsApp, and other web-based media use. A total rundown of all Zong web bundles with initiation codes is accessible beneath.

Package NameDetail
Zong Free 3G,4G Package For FacebookRs 0
Zong Twitter only 3G,4G PackageRs 2
Zong Daily SMS + Whatsapp BundleRs 5
Zong Facebook Daily 3G,4G PackageRs 5
Zong Full Gup PackageRs 5
Zong Classified PackRs 5
Zong Social Pack(Facebook, Whatsapp
, Twitter)
Rs 10
Zong Perfect PackageRs 12
Zong Hello 1 DinRs 13
Zong Shandar Daily PackageRs 14
Zong WhatsApp only Daily 3G,4G PackageRs 15
Zong Good Night 3G / 4G PackageRs 16
Zong Daily 3G / 4G Package (Daily Basic)Rs 17
Zong Daytime OfferRs 23
Zong Daily Data Max 3G,4G PackageRs 38

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Zong Weekly internet Packages

Zong consistently offers important and reasonable web bundles to its esteemed clients. This unique exertion make Zong organization more trustable and dependable. Like Zong Daily net Package, likewise offering Zong Weekly Internet Packages for its clients. Week by week offers contain enough MBS that can be utilized for an entire week with no difficulty. A client can download and transfer information in 7 days. The cost of these bundles is alluring and reasonable for clients.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages codes

Following is the rundown of Zong week after week bundle plans. Each contains enough MBS for multi week. Zong really focuses on its clients by giving moderate bundle plans. Look down and get your ideal week by week bundle plan.

Package NameDetail
Zong New SIM OfferRs 0
Zong 4G Sim Upgrade OfferRs 0
Zong Weekly SMS BundleRs 21
Zong Shandar Weekly PackageRs 120
Zong Mega Weekly OfferRs 160
Zong Super Weekly  3G,4G PackageRs 165
Zong All in One BundleRs 200
Zong Punjab OfferRs 230
Zong Super Weekly Plus 3G,4G PackageRs 240
Zong Haftawar Load OfferRs 250
Zong Karachi OfferRs 250
Zong Super Weekly MaxRs 299
Zong Super Weekly PremiumRs 330

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Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Usually Zong is offering three kinds of web bundles. Zong one-day web bundle, Zong week by week web bundle, and Zong month to month web bundle. Zong Monthly web bundles are appropriate for those clients who are continuous and consistently need web information.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages codes

They ought to buy in to a month to month web bundle to stay away from various memberships of the bundle. There are a few bundles accessible in Zong month to month web bundle area that fluctuate in time length and cost. A client can look over all Zong Internet bundles and select anybody as per its information prerequisite.

Package NameDetail
Zong IMO OfferRs 30
Zong WhatsApp offer Rs 30
Zong Monthly Mini 3G,4G PackageRs 50
Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs 50
Zong Monthly Basic 500 3G,4G PackageRs 150
Zong Shandar Monthly PackageRs 300
Zong Monthly 3GB 3G,4G PackageRs 300
Zong Data Share 3G,4G Package Rs 500
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500Rs 500
Zong Internet Sim Monthly 3GB Rs 500
Zong Super CardRs 650
Zong Internet Sim Monthly 8GBRs 750
Zong Internet Sim Monthly 10 GBRs 800
Zong Data Share 3G,4G Package(10GB)Rs 900
Zong Supreme offerRs 1000
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000Rs 1000
Zong Monthly Premium 30GBRs 1000
Zong Internet Sim Monthly 24 GBRs 1200
Zong Internet Sim Monthly 12 GBRs 1240
Zong Monthly MBB 30 GB (Device Only)Rs 1500
Zong Supreme Plus OfferRs 1732
Zong Monthly MBB 60 GB (Device Only)Rs 2000
Zong Internet Sim Monthly 60 GBRs 2000
Zong Monthly MBB 150 GB (Device Only Package)Rs 2500
Zong Monthly MBB 76 GB (Device Only Package)Rs 3250
Zong Internet Sim Monthly 175 GBRs 3250
Zong Monthly MBB 200 GB (Device Only Package)Rs 3250
Zong Monthly MBB 150 GB (Device Only Package)Rs 5951
Zong Monthly MBB 200 GB (Device Only Package)Rs 10000

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Zong 4g Packages

Zong 4G Packages – Zong is giving 4g information bundles, 4g web groups, and 4g gadgets for quick web perusing. These packs are accessible on both paid ahead of time and postpaid organizations. Here you will discover the detail of all Zong web bundles, Zong free WhatsApp code, Zong 4g web bundles, Zong 4g gadget bundles, Zong web sim bundles, Zong information sim bundles with full detail.

Package NameDetail
Zong Sim Lagao OfferRs 0
Zong Combo PackRs 200
Zong Sindh OfferRs 250
Zong Internet Sim 3 Month 3GBRs 1150
Zong 3 Month Power Pack 1500Rs 1500
Zong Internet Sim 3 Month 12 GBRs 2790
Zong 3 Months MBB-60 GB (Device Only Package)Rs 5500
Zong 6 Months MBB-100 GB (Device Only Package)Rs 12000
Zong 12 Months MBB-100 GB (Device Only Package)Rs 22000

Zong Postpaid Packages for 4G Internet

Zong has presented various postpaid 2G,3G, and 4G bundles. Coming up next are the postpaid bundles that contain distinctive on-net and off-net assets.

How to check the month to month credit limit?

Just got your message application and SMS “CL” to 567 that will show you the current month to month credit limit.

How to check the current status of Free minutes, SMS, and web information?

SMS “BL” to 567 and get the current status of free minutes, SMS, and web information.

The following is the detail of postpaid web bundles with the cost and enactment code.

Package NamePriceDetail
Monthly Mini 150 MBRs 50Dial *567#
Monthly Basic 500 MBRs 150Dial *567#
Monthly Premium 1GBRs 250Dial *567#
Monthly Premium 2GBRs 350Dial *567#
Monthly Premium 4GBRs 500Dial *567#
Monthly Premium 10GBRs 1800Dial *567#
Monthly Premium Plus 20GBRs 3500Dial *567#
Basic Add On (100MB Each)Rs 10Dial *567#

Zong 2G,3G and 4G Daily/Weekly/Monthly Internet Packages

This is a main telecom organization in Pakistan. Zong offers various bundles that rely upon the length, volume, and cost. Zong gives day by day, week after week, and month to month premise bundles for the simplicity of clients. The clients who need to utilize quick web ought to buy in to the Zong 3g bundles. Both paid ahead of time and postpaid clients can utilize 3g administrations. A total bundle rundown of 2G, 3G, and 4G administrations is accessible.



zong week after week web bundles

Zong Daily Basic 4G Internet Package

Zong day by day fundamental 4g web bundle offers web for 24 hours. This offer consequently lapses when the time length becomes finish. The cost of this bundle is just 15 Rs. Zong Daily Basis offers 100 MB of information for perusing the web.

Zong Twitter Daily Internet Package

On the off chance that you are a social darling and need Twitter access at a low value this bundle is the best fit for you. You can benefit of this bundle just in 2 rupees including charge. This bundle permits you 20MB of Twitter information. Simply dial *6464# for actuating this bundle. After the expiry of this bundle, additional installment will be charged for additional utilization.

Zong 3G Classified Internet Package

The cost of the Zong 3G grouped web bundle is 50MB. The cost is just RS 5. This information can be utilized for perusing web information for the following 24 hours in the wake of buying in bundle. Both paid ahead of time and postpaid clients can utilize this bundle.

Zong Daily Social Pack

Zong Daily Social Pack is super proposals for the individuals who need to interface with their loved ones by means of web-based media. This offer permits WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter just in 10 rupees without charge. Simply dial *6464# and enact this offer.

Zong Daily Facebook Internet Package

Presently it’s not difficult to utilize Facebook relentless immediately. Zong day by day Facebook web bundle permits its clients to utilize Facebook for one day just in the rupee 5.data constraint of this bundle is 50MB. This offer won’t ever lapse at 12 PM, this offer terminates following 24 hours from your membership. In the event that you have utilized your 50MB in one day this offer can’t be reactivated before 24 hours.

Zong All-in-one Daily Package

This offer is exceptionally intended for those clients who need on-net minutes, off-net minutes, SMS, and MBS simultaneously. This multi-advantage bundle permits 40 on-net minutes and 4 off-net minutes. Additionally, 40MB of web information and 400 SMS are remembered for this bundle. The cost of this bundle is just rupee 20. For enacting this bundle you can dial *6464#. There are a few other Zong net bundles accessible with one-day legitimacy that can be bought in to utilizing online media and perusing web information.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong Weekly Premium Internet Package

This top notch web bundle gives web information to 7 days. The quantity of MBs of this bundle is 700 for the following 7 days. These MBs can be utilized for Google, YouTube, or perusing web information anyplace. On the off chance that you need to buy in to this bundle, simply dial *6464# and follow the menu.

Zong Super Weekly 4G Internet Package

Zong very Weekly bundle offers 2GB web information for 7 days just in 100Rs. On the off chance that you are a regular client and you need the greatest number of MBs for multi week then this bundle is the correct choice for you. This Zong 4g web offer can be initiated whenever by dialing *6464# from your versatile. Adhere to the guidance and actuate Zong very week by week 4g web bundle.

Zong Online Weekly internet Package

Zong online week by week bundle is uniquely intended for those clients who are customary shoppers of web information and they need web information all the time with no hole. This offer permits 2500 MBs for the following seven days that is a major measure of web information for any sort of client. This offer satisfies the necessities of uncommon web clients. In the event that you concur and need to buy in to this offer, dial *6464# and adhere to the guidance for getting this offer.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Package

After a fruitful dispatching of other Zong bundles that give a most extreme number of web information, this is the each other Zong bundle with the name of Zong very Weekly in addition to web bundle. This bundle gives 3GB web information just in rupee130. This offer can be bought in to by dialing *6464#.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Zong Monthly Premium Plus inernet Package

This super proposal for those month to month clients who need web information for one month. The upside of this proposal there is no time limit pronounced for the simplicity of the client. This offer will terminate when you will finish your 20GB. The cost of this bundle is 1000 rupees. Both 3G and 4G clients can utilize this offer. Clients can utilize this proposal for as long as one month until they complete 20GB. For initiating this offer dial *6464# and enact this proposal for getting a charge out of greatest web information.

Zong All-in-One Monthly Package

There are a few advantages for the month to month Zong endorser. This is the genuine reality on the off chance that you buy in month to month bundle, you won’t ever feel trouble like day by day endorsers on the grounds that following one day you don’t have to enact your group. You feel free for the following 30 days in regards to web information on the off chance that you have bought in month to month bundle.

Zong All in One Monthly bundle contains 1500 Zong to Zong minutes, 150 off-net minutes, and 1500 MBs web information just in 1500 Rs. In the event that you are keen on this bundle, go ahead and dial *6464# and adhere to the guidelines for benefiting of this offer.

Zong Good Night Offer

Everybody’s greatest client is free around evening time and prepared to associate with their loved ones. Zong Goodnight’s offer is the correct choice for every one of those clients who need to interface with their friends and family around evening time. This offer makes your evenings more beguiling with your companions. Create Good Night in your content region and send it to 6464 for enacting this bundle.

Zong Day Time 3G Internet Offer

This is a super proposal for one day in particular. You can get 1GB 3G web information in the daytime. This offer is legitimate for both paid ahead of time and postpaid clients. The time term of this offer beginnings at 4AM and completes at 4PM. Presently you start web perusing and update your Facebook between this time length utilizing this offer. For enacting this offer, go to your instant message compose Day Time and send it to 6464.


How might I check my Zong balance?

On the off chance that you need to check your Zong balance simply follow this USSdcode. Open your dial-up and dial *222#. Your present equilibrium will be appeared on your screen.

Is WhatsApp free on Zong?

Zong 4G gives appropriate and easy to use bundles. Zong offers free WhatsApp access on all organizations. This offer is incredibly splendid in light of the fact that no other organization is sans offering Whatsapp rather than the Zong organization. Zong permits completely free WhatsApp use to all paid ahead of time and postpaid clients.

What is the Zong Internet bundle?

Zong is offering various web bundles base on hourly, day by day, week after week, and month to month span. Zong net bundles are incorporated 2G, 3G, and 4G administrations. Zong Internet Packages is offering a few Daily, Weekly, and Monthly premium web bundles that can be bought in to by dialing *6464#. Zong Good Night Offer is remembered for a day by day net bundle list that gives 500 MBs of web information for perusing the web. The legitimacy of this bundle is 1 day and the cost is just 25 rupees. The leftover MBs can be checked just by dialing *102#.

Zong 4G Internet SIM Packages?

Zong web bundles can be utilized on our own numbers that bundles are referenced above with full detail. Rather than all the above Zong web bundle, there is some uncommon SIM that can be utilized distinctly for web bundle not for calling or some other reason. These SIMS are prepared to utilize simply purchase from the business community and begin utilizing the web. This SIM can likewise be utilized in Zong gadgets, PC, and tablets

How might I check my Zong across the board month to month bundle?

In the event that you need to check the excess MBs of your web bundle, simply adhere to the guidelines beneath. Utilizing the client of the accompanying code can undoubtedly track down the excess MBs,

SMS and minutes moreover.

You can dial 1021# for synopsis

For SMS Dial 1022#

Use Code for quite a long time 1023#

For Mbs dial 1024#

How might I get Zong ahead of time?

Zong advance equilibrium code.

In the event that your equilibrium has completed and you need to get advance, simply follow the means.

  1. Send SMS “Salvage” on 911 or
  2. Send clear SMS to 911.

Inside a couple of moments, you will get the development balance from Zong. This development sum will be 25 rupees that payable when you will re-energize your equilibrium.

How might I get a Zong SMS bundle?

There are a few Zong SMS bundles accessible like day by day, week after week, and month to month. You simply follow this connection and track down the total detail of the relative multitude of Zong SMS bundles.

How might I check my Zong number without balance?

Now and then it is exceptionally hard when you fail to remember your number and you don’t have the equilibrium to check your number. At that point Zong gives a simple method to track down your number without balance simply Dial *100# and holds up couple of moments in the wake of dialing. The Zong number will be appeared on your versatile screen.

How might I check my Zong SIM 3g or 4g?

On the off chance that you don’t think about your SIM is 3G or 4G, simply follow the beneath step. Open your dialup and dial * 46#. you will be told about 3G or 4G.

How might I check my Zong across the board month to month bundle?

On the off chance that you need to check your leftover SMS, Minutes, and MBS simply dial *102#. This dialing code can be utilized for any Zong net bundle. in the event that you need to get the full synopsis, dial *102*1# it will show the total detail of every single free asset.

How to enact Zong 4G?

Utilizing the Zong MBB number you need to dial *6363#.

Select the MBB pack from the rundown.

All MBB groups will show now you select your ideal pack from the MBB list.

Your pack has actuated now hampered your sim in the broadband gadget and begin utilizing the Zong web.

How might I get free Zong Internet minutes?

Zong is sans offering Zong web minutes alongside different administrations like calls, SMS, and on-net minutes. Look over all the above bundles and track down the free web minutes that are generally offered with Call bundles. The detail of any Zong bundle is accessible by dialing *6464#

How might I purchase Zong Internet SIM?

You need to visit the closest CSS/Franchise for getting Zong Internet SIM.

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