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Long Covid signs: 14 signs that signify Long Covid – from feeling sick to insomnia


Also referred to as post-COVID-19 syndrome, Long Covid has signs which might final for weeks or months after the preliminary an infection with coronavirus. Whereas most individuals really feel higher after the virus in a matter of days or for some after 12 weeks, for others the signs can last more.

Creating Long Covid doesn’t relate to how sick the virus initially made you are feeling, because the NHS explains these with delicate signs can nonetheless expertise long-term points.

The NHS has revealed a listing of 14 widespread signs for these experiencing Long Covid.

These can vary from excessive tiredness – fatigue – to reminiscence points, joint ache to nervousness.

With COVID-19 being such a brand new virus, research into the long-term results are nonetheless ongoing.

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A current examine funded by the Division of Well being and Social Care discovered a “significant decline in symptom prevalence during the first 12 weeks following SARS-CoV-2 [Covid-19] infection, as reported by about 1/5th of the respondents.”

“However, among these respondents, more than a third remained symptomatic at 12 weeks and beyond, with little evidence for decline thereafter.”

The examine additionally discovered danger elements for nonetheless having signs at 12 weeks or later have been

  • feminine intercourse
  • weight problems
  • hospitalization on account of COVID-19

This record shouldn’t be exhaustive, as research are nonetheless ongoing.

For instance, specialists have stated anecdotal proof has proven infected blood vessels within the physique brought on by Covid might be inflicting erectile dysfunction in some male sufferers.

And this might present “other underlying vascular diseases” associated to COVID-19.

Ryan Berglund, a urologist on the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio advised the LA Instances: “The blood vessels themselves that can become inflamed … could cause an obstructive phenomenon and negatively impact the ability to get erections.

“The most concerning thing here would be that erectile dysfunction related to the disease may be an indicator of other underlying vascular disease related to Covid.”

More evidence is needed before the link is proven as conclusive.

The research found “men who previously did not complain of ED [erectile dysfunction] developed pretty severe ED after the onset of Covid-19 infection”.

However, it only looked at four men – two who had been infected with the virus and two who had not.

If you think you have Long Covid and have had symptoms four weeks or more after having the virus, you should contact your GP.

At your appointment, your doctor will ask about your symptoms and the impact they’re having on your life.

They may suggest some tests to find out more about your symptoms and rule out other things that could be causing them.

These might include:

  • blood tests
  • checking your blood pressure and heart rate
  • a chest X-ray


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