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Kashmir campaigner glad his video highlighted Kashmir problem


Shakeel Afsar talking to Geo News.
Shakeel Afsar speaking to Geo Information.

LONDON: A British Kashmiri campaigner whose video went viral, speaking to the newly-elected Labour MP Kim Leadbeater on the problem of Kashmir, has stated he’s glad that by means of his movies thousands and thousands in Britain have been in a position to know that the problem of Kashmir issues to almost 1.5 million British Kashmiris and Pakistanis.

It was over the last week’s intense by-election marketing campaign in Batley and Spen when a video went viral displaying Shakeel Afsar, a Birmingham activist, concerned in a heated trade with the Labour candidate Kim Leadbeater, in search of her views on the scenario in Kashmir, why Labour chief Keir Starmer let down Kashmiris and why the Kashmiri origin voters will protest by not voting for Starmer.

Talking to this correspondent, Shakeel Afsar rejected the media allegation that he had heckled or harassed the Labour candidate, however stated: “I was emphatic about the issue of Kashmir but I didn’t intimidate or harass. I have nothing to do with George Galloway’s campaign. I travelled from Birmingham to Batley only to question Kim about Labour’s U-turn on Kashmir. The Labour candidate had no answers on the Labour’s position on the Kashmir issue. Everything was filmed.

“I would never bully anyone, especially a woman but when you’re acting as a representative you must face hard questions. I remained civil in my words. I agree my voice was raised only because I was being blocked by others physically and by shouting over me as seen in the video after Kim’s short reply.”

Kashmir campaigner happy his video highlighted Kashmir issue

Afsar stated he had all the time supported the Labour get together however give up it after Keir Starmer stated that the problem of Kashmiri is a bilateral problem and never a world problem, which is a slap “across the face of us Kashmiris who supported the Labour Party unequivocally”. The Labour has been taking the votes of Pakistanis and Kashmiris as a right and that ought to not occur anymore. “We owe it to the people of Kashmir. We will not allow Labour or any other party to treat us the way it has treated us for the sake of Indian lobby.”

After the video went viral, Shakeel Afsar was condemned on Twitter by the Labour chief Keir Starmer who stated that the politics of concern and division was unacceptable. The British Kashmiri stated: “Starmer has condemned me on Twitter with a half cut video that does not show the truth. He abandoned his MPs who were ashamed when the Labour took a U-turn on the Kashmir issue to pander to Narendra Modi supporters so it means nothing.”

Afsar says he intends to make Birmingham the brand new epicentre of the Kashmiri freedom motion ensuring “we keep pushing the British establishment to implement the right to self-determination and to immediately impose strict sanctions on India over the human rights violations it has committed”.


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