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Johar Town blast mastermind belongs to Indian company RAW: Moeed Yusuf


Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhary Fawad Hussain (C) along with Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Security Division and Strategic Policy Planning Dr. Moeed W. Yusuf (L) and Inspector General of Police Punjab Inam Ghani brief the media at the PM Secretariat, in Islamabad, on July 4, 2021. — APP photo by Saleem Rana
Federal Minister for Data and Broadcasting Chaudhary Fawad Hussain (C) together with Particular Assistant to the Prime Minister on Nationwide Safety Division and Strategic Coverage Planning Dr. Moeed W. Yusuf (L) and Inspector Normal of Police Punjab Inam Ghani transient the media on the PM Secretariat, in Islamabad, on July 4, 2021. — APP picture by Saleem Rana

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Nationwide Safety Moeed Yusuf on Sunday shared intimately the findings from the probe into the terrorist assault that occurred in Lahore’s Johar Town final month, revealing that the mastermind is an Indian nationwide related to the nation’s intelligence company RAW.

Addressing a press convention in Islamabad, Yusuf switched to English on the finish to make sure that the worldwide neighborhood can higher be apprised of the info that emerged throughout the investigation into the blast.

“I want to make sure that our message is heard very clearly [regarding] this particular incident on the 23rd of June in Lahore. We have concrete evidence and intelligence, including financial and telephone records that point to direct Indian sponsorship of these terrorists.

“By means of forensic evaluation, digital tools which has been recovered from these terrorists, now we have recognized the primary mastermind and the handlers of this terrorist assault and now we have completely little question or reservation in informing you that the primary mastermind belongs to RAW, the Indian intelligence company, is an Indian nationwide, and relies in India,” he said.

Yusuf said that he would like to remind everyone that “Indian use of territory and folks of third nations, which really embarrasses different nations, just isn’t new”.

“We now have been consistently reminding the world of Indian actions, together with an in depth file that was put out final November with particulars — minute particulars — of funds, of motion, of assist coming from India,” said the national security adviser.

He drew attention to the recent report by EU DisinfoLab, an international reputed organisation, which provides a detailed account of how “tons of and hundreds of faux retailers have been getting used to malign Pakistan, to unfold misinformation about Pakistan, and to cover what is definitely a transparent terrorist sponsorship by a state towards one other state in our area”.

Yusuf said that “very unusually” there is also evidence of “hundreds of makes an attempt of cyber assaults towards our vital investigative infrastructure proper after this assault on the twenty third in Lahore”.

“These assaults and the quantity and the sophistication in some circumstances leaves little question of state sponsorship and state linkage on this case.”

He said that Pakistan’s cybersecurity was strong enough to thwart the attempts but asked why the attacks took place, before going on to provide an answer.

“They have been being carried out as a result of our enemies wished to purchase time to deflect consideration and to keep away from the apprehending and seize of those terrorists that we managed to do,” said the national security adviser.

Yusuf also pointed out the “drama” of mysterious drones flying in the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir territory.

“What was the logic, is now very clear, and once more with confidence we are able to put it out, that was a deflection tactic attempting to divert consideration of the world from the very fact they usually knew at the moment we had not solely apprehended culprits however we knew precisely what had been carried out behind the scenes and who was behind it.”

The adviser said that the main executor, Eid Gul, has an Afghan origin and was living in Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan has constantly been flagging for the world the concern that “hundreds of thousands of regulation abiding Afghan refugees are given a nasty identify and Pakistan is blamed when these actors go and conceal in these refugee settlements after which Pakistan is questioned on why one or two or 5 individuals who have been miscreants, who have been terrorists couldn’t be apprehended”.

Yusuf said that Pakistan reminds the world “of their responsibility to discover a method for a dignified return of Afghan refugees after which questions could also be requested”.

“Until then, it is a superb instance of the complication when one thing like this happens,” he said.

Yusuf said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has instructed his team “to make use of all doable authorized and political means to get to the folks exterior Pakistan who’re a part of this worldwide terrorist community”.

“We are going to subsequently be sharing all proof with the worldwide neighborhood and exposing the nefarious and actual face of a state in our neighbourhood that has consistently sponsored terrorism towards our harmless civilians.”

The adviser called upon the international community to play its part saying it is “excessive time” it “cease turning a blind eye and play a constructive and the legally binding function for the protection of harmless Pakistanis if they’re actually severe about peace and stability within the area”.

IGP Punjab’s briefing on the nature of the attack

Prior to Yusuf’s briefing, Inspector General of Police Inam Ghani provided an account of the events leading up to the blast.

Ghani noted that the blast occurred at 11:09am on June 23 in Block E of Johar Town and a Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) was used. As a result of the explosion, three citizens were killed and 22 were injured, including two policemen.

The explosion also destroyed 12 cars and seven houses.

He said that the police’s Counter Terrorism Department was immediately deployed to the site and it quickly cordoned off the area and established an operational base.

“Punjab’s CTD has lengthy been engaged on counter terrorism and is at that stage of maturity the place it will possibly in a short time and capably join the dots. On account of this, not solely did they unearth your complete plan [by the terrorists] inside 16 hours of the incident, but additionally recognized the names of all these concerned.”

He then proceeded to point to a chart which showed the terrorist network involved in the attack.

IG Ghani said that the boxes in red indicate those people outside of Pakistan who financed, planned and thought out the whole attack.

The ones in yellow are those who executed the plan in Pakistan, he said.

Peter Paul David’s involvement

Among the executors was Peter Paul David. He said that the 56-year-old is a resident of Karachi. “He has spent most of his time overseas. He even ran a three-star lodge and organized cabaret (type of theatrical leisure) there,” said Ghani.

“He additionally did some metal works for some time […] he’s the linchpin that connects the operation in Pakistan to the actors overseas,” said the police chief.

IG Ghani said that when Paul was issued instructions, he chose a car which was snatched in 2010 and was found in 2011 with a tampered engine, following which it changed two to three more hands. It was then on superdari (released to owner by court pending trial).

“So it was the perfect automobile for such circumstances. Even when it was used all through the nation, there have been real superdari paperwork. So he sought such a car and the folks by whom he acquired to the car, are additionally identified to us,” he said.

The Punjab police chief said that work on the car’s engine was done and then it was given test runs so it does not experience a glitch at the last minute.

He said details of all the financing, the telephone calls, and WhatsApp calls were gathered by the police.

Eid Gul’s involvement

IG Ghani said that the car was handed over to Eid Gul, the executor of the attack. He gave the car a dry run in Lahore and then fixed the explosives onto it. “He had specifics of the place to go, the place to park the automobile.”

On the 21st, there was no explosive material on the car, but he carried out a reconnaissance of the area to ascertain all the entry and exit points, said Ghani.

Then on the 22nd, he did another reconnaissance on a rickshaw to familiarise himself with the area even further.

Ghani said that even though Gul is an Afghan national, he spent his entire life in Punjab, “so his language abilities are very robust”.

“At any time when he interacted with anybody, he spoke Punjabi and nobody suspected him.”

On D-Day, the 23rd, he brought over the prepared car from Islamabad. The police have gathered intel on where in the capital this was done, how it was done, the material he had and the fact that he was aided by his wife, said the police chief.

He noted that Gul came throughout the motorway and the motorway is such that there is no interaction between travellers and local law enforcement one you get on it. The only interaction, if any, is with motorway police. “So he spent the following 12 hours on the motorway, stopping in between at a relaxation space.”

“So as an alternative of utilizing Punjab’s internal roads, the place there was a excessive chance he may have been stopped at any police checkpoint, he used the motorway and landed finally on the website of the blast.”

CCTV footage shows the black car being parked in front of a house under construction. Ghani said that he parked it in a spot where it was positioned between the police mobile and the police picket, so at the time of the blast, the shrapnel hit both.

He then pointed to the house, a view of which was also recorded by the CCTV camera. It can be seen that the car, which was laden with 20 kilogrammes of explosives, is no longer visible anywhere. “Not even a single piece of the automobile may be seen,” said Ghani.

The Punjab police chief then spoke of how initial reports erroneously mentioned the use of a rickshaw, which had also been parked in the street. He said that in the photo, very small pieces of the car can be seen, a split which normally does not occur, “which reveals us what an skilled he was in making ready the automobile”.


IG Ghani said that all the people involved within Pakistan have been apprehended, while the police are investigating some names that surfaced to see whether they are innocent or if they too were involved.

“However your complete cell is correct earlier than us like an open e-book and now we have full data of their actions,” he said.

Ghani also played audio clips of the telephone exchanges that took place between the conspirators.

‘Success due to coordinated effort’

Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry, while addressing the briefing, said that “Pakistan has fought a conflict towards terrorism and our efforts are plain for all to see”.

“After the arrest of Kulbhushan Jadhav, we already had robust proof for the impression that India has an enormous hand within the terrorism in Pakistan,” he said.

“Sadly incidents carry on occurring, which repeatedly show that India’s institution, its present authorities, is totally supporting the terrorist community in Pakistan,” the minister went on to say.

He congratulated the IG Punjab and noted that it was the combined efforts by all the agencies and security forces and other institutions as a result of which all the linkages were exposed “and we came upon India’s direct involvement” in this.

“The gang lively in Pakistan has been busted and the shut coordination between Punjab Police, CTD, MI, ISI has resulted in our success,” Fawad mentioned.

Johar Town blast mastermind belongs to Indian company RAW: Moeed Yusuf
Johar Town blast mastermind belongs to Indian company RAW: Moeed Yusuf



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