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Joe Biden points warning to Vladimir Putin after main cyber assault: ‘We will reply!’

US President Joe Biden informed reporters in Michigan that investigations had been ongoing following the newest ransomware assault. Mr Biden admitted that the US Authorities just isn’t certain whether or not Russia had any involvement. Nonetheless, President Biden claimed he had informed Vladimir Putin that in the event that they had been concerned the US would reply.

That is cyber assault is reportedly the working of the identical group that hit meat provider JBS meals final spring.

President Biden stated: “First of all, we are not sure of who it is.

“The Director of the intelligence group goes to provide me a deep dive on what has occurred.

“I will no better tomorrow and if it is either with the knowledge of and or a consequence of Russia then I told Putin we will respond.

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“We are usually not sure, the preliminary pondering was that it was not the Russian Authorities.”

The Russia-based hacking group REvil, which was blamed by the FBI for the ransomware attack on JBS has been pointed to by security experts as likely being behind the recent ransomware attack.

Despite these comments from President Biden, many commentators have argued that Russia and China believe him to be weak.

Former Tory leader and current MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith has attacked President Biden for not combatting Russia and China’s aggression.

Sir Iain continued: “Biden isn’t behaving and showing his administration is strong on any of this stuff.”

Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014 which had not been recognised by most countries.

Sir Iain explained how Russia’s posturing in eastern Ukraine and China’s “bullying” of Taiwan show that they have been testing Mr Biden since he took office.

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