google: The one query Google CEO Sundar Pichai retains asking himself to be a greater chief


Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai certainly has no straightforward job. As managing one of many world’s largest know-how corporations and making certain its steady development together with caring for the pursuits of the thousands and thousands of consumers and customers of Google companies and merchandise is a large duty. Not too long ago news-born Pichai shared the one query that he says helps him “remember his role”.
In an interview with’s Justin Bariso, Pichai shared one query that the Google and Alphabet CEO usually asks himself. Pichai reportedly learnt the query years ago from his mentor and former Columbia College soccer coach turned enterprise coach Invoice Campbell. As per the report, Campbell used to ask him one query each time they met: “Are you breaking ties? What ties did you break this week?,” referring to how well he was able to move things forward in the business context, what stalemates did he break when his colleagues were in a jam over a point.
When asked about what things he does to get to an outcome at the meetings, he said that he tries to bring the people in, involve them in the conversation so that everyone participates. If the meetings are not virtual, he actually goes around the table, one by one, and asks people to clearly state their position, to make sure that the opinions, the perspectives and the stands of the introverted ones are brought out in the meeting.
Bariso tells readers that if they want to be a better leader then they should take a page out Sundar Pichai’s playbook and ask themselves:
“What ties did I break this week?”
Then, remember to:

  • Prioritize those you want to please
  • Pursue progress, not perfection
  • See the big picture



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