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Furious EU takes Denmark to court docket for daring to problem guidelines – and UK is subsequent in line


And Facts4EU has stated the newest instance of bullying behaviour is a transparent indication that Brussels will attempt to intimidate the UK in a similar way for having the temerity to give up the bloc. Tens of millions will tune in to observe tonight’s match at Wembley Stadium at 8pm, with a spot towards Italy, winners of final night time’s penalty shootout with Spain, at stake.

The wrangle associated to Danish guidelines limiting the time lorries are permitted to remain in state-owned relaxation areas to 25 hours with a view to guarantee they’re obtainable for drivers as and when they’re required.

The Danes, led by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, consider the restrict is affordable given it solely takes five-and-a-half hours to drive from Skagen within the far north of the nation to Copenhagen within the east.

Nevertheless, the European Fee, led by President Ursula von der Leyen, has now confirmed it’s taking Denmark to the European Court docket of Justice in Luxembourg, the place the nation will presumably face penalties of a moderately totally different type.

Particularly, the Fee claims Denmark has infringed Regulation (EC) No 1072/2009, referring to widespread guidelines for entry to the worldwide highway haulage market, and Regulation (EU) 561/2006, referring to obligations on driving and relaxation instances.

Report writer Leigh Evans, Facts4EU’s editor-in-chief, stated: “At least the EU has only shown the Danes the yellow card – it can’t afford to see more players leave the ‘level playing field’.

“While countries across the EU have been battling the Covid health crisis, readers will be relieved to know that the autocratic referees in the EU Commission have not let this divert them from the important task of imposing their totalitarian will on vital matters of concern, such as the time lorries can stay in lorry parks in Denmark.”

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He stated: “Even now, after the ‘Transition Period’ has ended and the UK is supposedly out from under the EU yoke, the Commission has continued to bring fresh legal proceedings against the UK.

“The Brexit battle may have been won to some extent, but the war isn’t over.

“It is perfectly obvious that the EU will continue to do everything possible to punish the people of the United Kingdom for daring to leave its evil empire.

“The only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him or her. We continue to urge the Government to do just that.

“It is the EU that has consistently been guilty of foul play. It’s time to show the Commission the red card.”

A press release issued by the Fee on June 9 stated: “Even if the explanation provided by the Danish authorities for the restriction were considered to be in the general interest (notably the objectives of ‘ensuring orderly conditions at rest areas’ or ‘addressing unlawful and hazardous parking’), the restriction would need to be appropriate and necessary in relation to the objectives.

“This is not the case here, as such objectives could be reached by other means, without causing similar adverse effects.

“The matter was addressed in an exchange of letters between the Danish authorities and the Commission, and followed up with a letter of formal notice to Denmark and a reply thereto, as well as a reasoned opinion and a reply thereto.

“Despite the exchange of views, the situation has not been remedied.”


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