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China constructing nationalist narrative as ‘bloodshed’ speech points stark WW3 warning

China: Knowledgeable discusses Xi Jinping’s ‘world domination’ plan

President Xi Jinping alarmed world leaders in his speech to mark his nation’s ruling Chinese language Communist Social gathering’s (CCP) one hundredth anniversary. In an impassioned and infected tackle, he mentioned: “Only socialism can save China, and only socialism with Chinese characteristics can develop China.” What really captured the attention of foreign powers, however, was his next line: “The Chinese language folks will completely not enable any international pressure to bully, oppress or enslave us and anybody who makes an attempt to take action will face damaged heads and bloodshed in entrance of the iron Nice Wall of the 1.4 billion Chinese language folks.”

It marks a break from the usually inward-looking, economically-minded China that the world has grown used to in recent decades.

Now, President Xi looks to be moving towards developing a new element to his vision for the country: Chinese nationalism.

It is something commentators and analysts have documented as a burgeoning trend in recent years, and an issue that could lead to a China vs the World scenario.

Brian Wong, a researcher originally from Hong Kong currently based in Oxford, last year suggested that the coronavirus pandemic has acted as the ignition for this new nationalistic fervour.

China: The country is moving towards a fervent nationalistic attitude, researchers claim (Image: GETTY)

Chinese Communist Party: The party's top brass prepare to address spectators

Chinese Communist Party: The party’s top brass prepare to address spectators (Image: GETTY)

A critical component of the Chinese response to the COVID-19 outbreak is the “promulgation of state-sanctioned nationalism, and tacit endorsement of grassroots-initiated nationalism”.

This point is important, argued Mr Wong in The Diplomat, because it marks a shift in the nationalism pushed in the past; the outward nationalism aimed at foreign nations but without much support from the people.

Now, the CCP is actively galvanising national sentiment among the “home customers,” who, amid times of turbulence, “are seeking impassioned, at instances zealous, speech in defence of the Chinese language nation”.

Mr Wong wrote: “Xi Jinping’s ‘China Dream’ previously championed establishing sociocultural ties and seemingly respectful relations with the country’s neighbouring states; that has been set aside in favour of visceral displays of loyalty and devotion to the Chinese state.

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China news: Thousands won tickets to witness the speech first hand in Tiananmen Square

China news: Thousands won tickets to witness the speech first hand in Tiananmen Square (Image: GETTY)

“A assured, doubtlessly even ‘combat-ready’ collective of diplomats is exactly what is required, from Beijing’s viewpoint, to assuage public uneasiness concerning the nation’s worldwide standing.”

The state has also taken the xenophobia and racism aimed at Chinese nationals abroad seen during the COVID-19 outbreak.

This, Mr Wong said, is intended to conjure up a nationalism that not only Chinese expatriates are being targeted but China as a whole.

He continued: “It’s no coincidence that the nascent model of Chinese language nationalism has sought to include the experiences of Chinese language diaspora internationally into an expanded, Sinocentric imagined neighborhood.


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World politics: Grand displays were put on for the centennial celebrations

World politics: Grand shows have been placed on for the centennial celebrations (Image: GETTY)

Beijing: Screens across the city gave onlookers a chance to see the president speak

Beijing: Screens throughout town gave onlookers an opportunity to see the president converse (Image: GETTY)

“Recent addresses given by officials such as the Foreign Ministry spokespersons have consistently framed the backlash toward Chinese overseas citizens and migrants as an attack on the entirety of the Chinese population.”

In keeping with Tom Cheshire, Sky Information’ Asia correspondent who witnessed the speech in Tiananmen Sq., the gang liked it when President Xi made the “broken heads and bloodshed” remark.

He added: “And playing those nationalist credentials will be crucial to the Party’s future success.”

In his tackle, Mr Xi used historic occasions to stipulate China’s power in reaching the purpose it has immediately.

Xi Jinping profile: The Chinese President has set out a decades-long plan for China

Xi Jinping profile: The Chinese language President has set out a decades-long plan for China (Picture: Categorical Newspapers)

He mentioned: “The Chinese nation is a great nation.

‘With a history of more than 5,000 years, China has made indelible contributions to the progress of human civilisation.

“After the Opium Conflict of 1840, nonetheless, China was regularly lowered to a semi-colonial, semi-feudal society and suffered better ravages than ever earlier than.

“The country endured intense humiliation, the people were subjected to great pain, and the Chinese civilisation was plunged into darkness.

Taiwan: The CCP believes the mainland is the rightful owner of the island nation

Taiwan: The CCP believes the mainland is the rightful owner of the island nation (Image: GETTY)

“Since that point, nationwide rejuvenation has been the best dream of the Chinese language folks and the Chinese language nation.”

Whereas many word China’s ambitions may not be set on world domination, within the short-term, the nation has its eyes on the island of Taiwan.

It claims the nation – formally the Republic of China – as its personal, with its principal purpose to reunify it with the mainland by 2030.

Marking the CCP’s anniversary, Naval and Service provider Ships, {a magazine} revealed by the Chinese language Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, revealed an 11-minute video simulating a navy assault on Taiwan, in keeping with The information.

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