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British expat claims Spain ‘turned on’ UK after Brexit ended EU bailouts


Chris Lewis-Jones has lived in Spain since 2005 and claims earlier than the historic 2016 referendum Spanish individuals at all times handled him civilly and respect. Sadly, the 73-year-old has claimed this has modified because the Brexit vote – and argued Spaniards now not see the UK because the money cow it was when it remained within the bloc.

The retired advertising advisor, who lives close to Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, informed “I think there is an underlying sense that the Brits don’t pay up anymore.

“The money roll will be going around the other 26 members (of the EU) asking them to pay.

“I think there is a lot of anxiety on the financial front in Spain which we are unfortunately getting the blame for.

“They’re also not getting the British tourists, the hotels are half-full and many won’t be reopening.”

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“I’ve worked all over the world – even in Nigeria – but now I feel uneasy living in Spain.

“Now in Spain, it appears that the Spanish police take the attitude that if you’re British and he’s Spanish then he hasn’t got the problem, you’ve got the problem.

“I have absolutely lost faith in the Spanish police.

“I’m used to dealing with police who are completely objective and unbiased.

“If you came to them with an accusation of assault it would be investigated properly.

“They didn’t even ask the Spaniard to show his papers but they asked me to show mine.

“That in my opinion shows a complete lack of objectivity.”

Mr Lewis-Jones has Spanish residency and lives within the suburb of the Costa del Sol together with his Moroccan spouse and 12-year-old son.

The daddy-of-one beforehand spent a number of years dwelling in Morocco and mentioned that he would “never” have been handled in the way in which he claims the Spanish police acted. has contacted the Overseas Workplace and Spanish police for remark.


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